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    State-of-the-art productivity programs, the right hardware and user-friendly business services – all in one place, carefully linked together and extremely easy-to-use. Completely suited to your needs and available for an affordable monthly payment.

     ⇨ Simple, connected, affordable.

     ⇨ No initial investment.

     ⇨ Truly tailored to your needs.

     ⇨ We take care of everything.

     ⇨ Total mobility.

     ⇨ Highly reliable and exceptionally secure.

     ⇨ Your data stays in Slovenia.

     ⇨ Free help and support.

     ⇨ Fast delivery on hardware orders.


    Lease hardware to avoid costly investments in hardware that quickly becomes obsolete. Pošta Slovenije’s Business Centre offers you a vast selection of desktop and portable computers, tablets and other hardware.


    A high-quality, exceptionally adaptable e-mail service featuring calendars and contacts and advanced anti-virus and anti-spam protection. Complete compatibility with Microsoft Outlook and support for online access and mobile devices, including those running iOS, Windows Phone, Symbian, Android and Blackberry.


    Advanced corporate communications enable real-time messaging, audio and video calls and web conferencing. A simple and effective way to connect with co-workers, partners and clients. Security and privacy are ensured through data encryption.


    A virtual hard drive with additional space for your data and files that can be used on all your computers. Files and folders can be accessed through Windows Explorer or through your web browser. Data encryption, anti-virus protection, protection against online attacks and the regular creation of back-up copies provide an exceptional degree of security.


    With My Portal, which is based on Microsoft’s market-leading SharePoint technology, all your documents will be safely stored in one place; access them from wherever you happen to be and from any device with an internet connection. Exchange information about events, meetings and projects and make the most of the benefits of a powerful search function.


    Microsoft’s suite of productivity programs, Microsoft Office, is available to lease for an


    Electronic Archive Website

    Conduct electronic archive functions in accordance with the law

    We provide corporate users and users governed by public law with external electronic archive operations. Conducting the electronic archiving function for digital documentation and archive materials in accordance with relevant laws is exceptionally important, as failure to do so means your stored documents are not legally valid. Certification for electronic archiving services ensures the legal compliance of the electronic archive, and with it the legal validity of the stored materials.

      A certified service.

      The highest level of legal compliance.

      Authenticity and integrity.

      Security without the risk of unauthorised access to materials or their abuse or loss.


    Back-up Data Center Website

    An information centre in safe hands

    The security of IT hardware is tightly linked to the overall security of the operations of corporate entities and entities governed by public law. A back-up data centre (BDC) is a special place for housing IT hardware. It is intended for advanced business users who would like to remove certain system capacities from their working environment to ensure a greater degree of security.

     ⇨ Security for your IT hardware.

     ⇨ Lease a server rack at the BDC.

     ⇨ Lease system capacity.


    Postar CA Website

    Pošta Slovenije is a registered digital certificate authority. Under the name POŠTA®CA, it has the status of certificate authority and may issue qualified digital certificates.

    What is POŠTA®CA?

      POŠTA®CA issues various types of authenticated digital certificates to end users, who may be natural persons, legal persons or servers (qualified digital certificates for natural persons, qualified digital certificates for legal persons and natural persons registered to perform certain tasks, normalised digital certificates).

      Secure timestamping of digital documents. The service is also registered as a public TSA (Time Stamping Authority), which is why it can also provide secure time stamping services for your digital documents.


    The Moja Posta Website

    Comprehensive and simple digital-document management

    The portal allows you to expand your mail services onto the world wide web and, by doing so, to ensure a greater degree of security for your content and personal data than could be achieved with classic mail. On the portal can be used to quickly, easily and comprehensively manage your digital documents.

      Security. Security is provided on all levels, as otherwise a significant risk of unauthorised access to the contents of users’ email boxes and the possibility of abuse could arise.
      Fast, simple and comprehensive document management.Users of can quickly, simply and comprehensively manage their documents. They open a secure email box, which they can use to quickly and reliably send and receive digital documents.

      An email box – the formal validity of signed documents.An email box enables individuals and businesses to receive and send digital documents, whereby documents retain their formal-legal validity and are therefore equivalent to hand-signed documents.

      Electronic vaulting.Store your most important documents; this way, they’ll be accessible to you only.

      Secure time stamp.A time stamp is a digital signature that enables a document to be signed with a digital certificate at a given moment in time. It links the date and time of the signature and the data in electronic form in a cryptographically secure way.

      Electronic payments.Electronic payments enable the direct payment of payment orders without additional data entry for clients of Poštna Banka Slovenije.

      Electronic document submission.Electronic document submission enables the submission of decisions in procedures conducted by various entities governed by public law. Depending on the substance of the procedure, submission is conducted in a manner that is in accordance with the General Public Administration Act of the Republic of Slovenia or the Civil Procedure Act of the Republic of Slovenia.

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