Frequenly Asked Questions

How to ...

    For more information please read the PosiTa User Guide

    Create a user account

    In the PosiTa Marketplace Portal home page, in My Account section, click Create account.

    The Customer Registration Page appears where you can add customer company information, contact details, account details and other details.

    Login to PosiTa

    After opening the PosiTa Marketplace Portal Web page, click Login in My Account section on the right side of the PosiTa Marketplace Portal.The Login page appears.

     ⇨ In the User Name box, enter the user name.

     ⇨ In the Password box, enter the password.

     ⇨ Click Login.

    The Welcome (user name) page appears.

    Update a user account

    Log into PosiTa.
     ⇨ Click the username that appears at the top-right corner of the PosiTa page. The My Profile page appears.

     ⇨ Update the required information. You cannot modify the company name.

     ⇨ Click Next.
     ⇨ Update the required information in the Contact Details, Office Details, and Account Details sections.

     ⇨ Click Next and select the I have read and agree to the above Terms & Conditions. checkbox.

     ⇨ Clicks SUBMIT to update the profile or click CANCEL to cancel all new information you have entered in the fields.

    Trying or Buying Products

    In the PosiTa Marketplace Portal Welcome page, click Products → Infrastructure from the menu bar. The Infrastructure Products page appears.

     ⇨ Click View Products to view the products listed in the PosiTa. The Infrastructure Products page appears, displaying the products.

     ⇨ Select the infrastructure product that you want to try or buy. You can sort the listed products by categories such as Latest, Top Rated, and Most Popular products.

     ⇨ Click the category that you want to sort in the Sort by box. For more information about the product you selected, click the product name. The product page appears. Click each Overview, Features, Pricing, System Requirements, and User Reviews tab to view the details.

    To try or buy a product, click TRY/BUY.

    The Product Configuration page appears. The page displays the price and the setup fee for the service. In the Organizational Offers tab, the Offer Details section displays the details such as Offer Name, Included Services, Optional Services, Pricing, and Trial. If the Offer Details section is collapsed, click + next to it to expand to see the details. If you have not subscribed to the Organization offer, you cannot subscribe to the USER offer.

     ⇨ Click Add To Cart. The Shopping Cart page appears. The page lists the products you have selected and against each product the page displays the details of the offer, price, setup fee, priority, option to view or change the configuration, and an option to delete the service.

    In My Shopping Cart section, select the priority in the Priority list and then (optional) enter the comments in the Comments/ Justifications box.

     ⇨ Click the Terms and Conditions, and after reading it, select the I have read and agreed to Terms and Conditions checkbox.

     ⇨ To continue shopping click CONTINUE SHOPPING or click CHECK OUT.

    The Order Confirmation page appears. This page displays the details of the services that you have ordered, including the price, setup fee, priority, and the order ID. The order is placed for approval based on the approval logic you selected or the request is sent to the end service for provisioning.

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